LivClean Anolyte 3L + Anolyte Bundle All Natural Disinfectant 250mL (500 PPM Hypochlorous Acid)





Product Description

SUPERIOR CLEANING POWER: LivClean Anolyte is a super-oxidized solution (SOS) and is electrochemically processed made from water and solium chloride (NaCl) 100% NATURAL DISINFECTANT: A natural disinfectant liquid solution LivClean Anolyte is proven to be more effective than bleach against a broad range of microorganisms. It is a strong oxidizing solution formed from naturally occuring elements that eliminate bacteria and viruses. SAFE TO USE IN AREAS FOR CHILDREN OR PETS: LivClean Anolyte is a non-hazardous, cost-effective alternative to bleach and other traditional hazardous chemicals used for sanitation and disinfections. Everything in it is 100% natural, biodegradable, non toxic so it can be used even on food contact surfaces. MULTI-PURPOSE & MULTI-SURFACE USE: LivClean Anolyte is ideal for every area of your home and is especially suitable for surfaces where bacteria and unpleasant odors can be a problem. This includes countertops, bathroom surfaces, children’s toys, high chairs, charging tables, etc. It is very effective in cleaning common household items and surfaces without leaving residue markes, and without harming your hands or the environment.

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