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Effective - Natural - Safe LivClean Multi-Purpose Powder Cleanser 120g 100% NATURAL DISINFECTING CLEANSER WITH BAKING SODA LivClean Multi Purpose Powder Cleanser's active ingredient is baking soda, a natural cleanser that's non-toxic, anti-bacterial, biodegradable, versatile, and effective. GREAT FOR HEAVY DUTY CLEANING LivClean safely and effectively removes a variety of grime such as dried-on food, scuff marks, grease etc. While it is a powerful cleanser it is gentle on most hard surfaces and your hands. TRIED AND TESTED ODOR ELIMINATOR It is the natural way to get rid of unwanted odors in refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, shoe cabinets, closets, cars, etc. It does not contain any strong perfume or artificial scent. LivClean Cleaning Vinegar with Calamansi 100mL Cleaning Vinegar w/ Calamansi a 2-in-1 Cleaning Power. Combines the natural cleaning power of vinegar w/ Calamansi to create a doubly effective cleaner that is safe for the home and planet Multi-purpose and Multi-surface use LivClean is ideal for every area of your home, and is especially suitable for surfaces where bacteria and unpleasant odors can be a problem. This includes countertops, bathroom surfaces, children's toys, high chairs, changing tables, etc. It is very effective in cleaning common household items and surfaces without leaving residue marks, and without harming your hands or the environment. Safe to use in areas for children and pets LivClean is made with only food-based ingredients that are known as superior cleaning agents among eco-conscious homemakers. Everything in it is 100% natural, biodegradable, and non toxic so it can be used in food contact surfaces. 100% Natural Disinfectant
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